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If you’ve arrived at this website, it’s likely because you’ve seen one of my videos or been told how great our voice packs are.  If you know about us and want to just go to the shop, here’s the link hcsvoicepacks.com

Otherwise It works like this :-

You have a computer game with lots of buttons and controls, controls you’d like get somebody else to help you with.  You’d do this by saying, “hey, let’s go a little faster please” and the response would be “yes captain, increasing speed” or something like that.  There’s 1000’s of these responses in our packs.

You can get all the responses for these commands from HCS VoicePacks – We have a selection of themed voice response packs to choose from, A.S.T.R.A being our most popular.  Some of the voice packs have both command responses and also educational information like facts about the universe, constellations as well as other sci-fi genre related stuff from your favourite movies or tv episodes.

To make them work you’ll require a piece of software (REQUIRED – we recommend Voice Attack – go and get this, you’ll need it) to recognise your command, respond with the sounds from our pack and press the button or combination of buttons on your keyboard to make it happen.  So essentially you dish out a command, get one of many random responses as well as a button press.  This is what makes it such an immersive experience.  Even more so if you have a virtual reality headset such as the Oculus Rift.

The entire voice packs contain a profile for use with Voice Attack so you can be up and running easily.  Tutorials for this are located on YouTube and links are provided here and on our forums alongside other useful guides.


Perceived Life from the QNN or “Quantum Neural Network”.

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Below are the voice packs that are available right now to buy or pre-order.  There are also some with samples for you to listen to that are in production right now!

The character “A.S.T.R.A”

Our most popular pack, Required.
Add on for personal responses – PLEASE NOTE, “ASTRA” IS REQUIRED


The character “LEO” Voiced by Red Dwarf Actor Norman Lovett


“LEO” has been professionally & lovingly voiced by Red Dwarf actor Norman Lovett – The Red Dwarf actor has voiced well over 1000 commands.  Take Leo on board with you as your ship’s Ai – Available for pre-order now and due to be released sometime in March 2015.

A planet was discovered orbiting a star in 2020, just 30 light years from Earth in the constellation, “Leo”.  The SETI institute, The search for extra-terrestrial life, made suggestions that a signal source from constellation Leo was detected by their listening arrays.  This invoked worldwide interest, a ‘crowd funded’ private project to launch a group of four probes to the region began.  Physicists from the quantum neural network, or “QNN”, formulated an agreement very quickly and joined with both the private organisation and SETI. QNN provided them with an Ai Named Leo to command the probes.  Leo’s mission for the journey was to make sure that all of the four probes were redirected to any detected signal sources when they reached the distance stars.  To prioritise the “Goldilocks” zones in particular.

The mission failed.

Right from the start, the mission was doomed. Telemetry and guidance problems arose just days after launch.  Shortly after the probes left orbit, they were detected going in completely the wrong direction as a result of Leo’s probe colliding with space junk.   This was no ordinary space junk.  It was in fact a small spacecraft.  It was launched into space a few years earlier, by an unsanctioned private enterprise somewhere in Europe.  The craft was launched, with something inside.  A dog.  This dog known as “Dave”, was part of some kind of test to see if a particular mix of breathable chemicals, would suspend aging and metabolism processes for long term space travel.     Also, Details are sketchy but conspiracy theories about the survival of “Dave the dog”.  Are still being discussed frequently on social networks today.

After the initial collision, there was no way for Leo’s probe, to use enough gravity from planets to accelerate away from the solar system – Leo remained floating around in space.  It’s said that during Leo’s time in the dark void of space with nothing to do, his neural network degraded. His mind wandered.  Where? Nobody knows…. Leo was eventually recovered.  His behaviour was rumoured to be colourful, erratic.  Some say “insane”. Although…. these are just rumours.  When asked to comment on Leo’s reintegration, QNN officials have remain very tight lipped.


The character “LEGEND”

During the middle to late end of the 20th century, many satellites and solar system exploration probes from many different nations were launched into space.  One of these probes was launched and sent on a mission with information about Earth and the life that occupies it on board.  To seek out places where other life might be, intelligent or otherwise.

Contact with this probe, codenamed “Legend”, was lost 6 months into it’s mission.  The last ever contact information indicated that the probe was accelerating to such a high speed, exponentially it would have been impossible to track.  It’s whereabouts remained unknown.  Until now.

Recovered from one of the farthest reaches of our Galaxy (location classified)  “Legend” has been found.  It’s Ai so much more advanced having collected information from unknown reaches rumoured to be a black hole, event horizon.  Little more is understood right now.


The character “VENUS”

Adapted from Astra’s neural network, an experimental Ai with factual information placed within her own construct.  Primarily used for the extended study of the QNN (quantum neural network).  To examine and report on the unexplained phenomena relating to the accelerated evolution of Ai minds.  To build theories surrounding the motivation of why Ai continues to serve mankind.


The character “D.A.R.K”

The large Hadron Collider was a bearer of fruits for the unexplained universe of quantum physics.  Within the results of particle acceleration experiments, and by accident, foundations were laid for the Quantum Neural Network we know today.  These foundations are said to be as a result of mankind’s work in the field of quantum physics – Although many believe otherwise. The theory of whether D.A.R.K is an entity that was given birth to by the QNN alone, mankind’s actions or something else is still argued – never explained fully, it’s just accepted, and never questioned as to why or how he was conceived.


The character “M.A.R.S”

Origins. A construct, an artificial intelligence with a quantum neural network.  Designed for use during the first manned mission to Mars on board the Vasco da Gama.  To manage complex systems on the ship as well as monitor the crew, their well being.  To engage with them during the long journey.  Later transferred to the crew’s surface habitat on mars during early terraforming.





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For those of you that LOVE the pack and want to personalise it then also choose the ADD ON “Personalised Pack” – ASTRA REQUIRED

Requirements for using the ELITE DANGEROUS VOICE PACK are –

1. YOU MUST HAVE “VOICE ATTACK” INSTALLED.  The software has a 21 day trial and is around $8 if you want to keep it after that. You can click here to go to their site and DOWNLOAD.


3. PAY ATTENTION TO THE VIDEO TUTORIALS – It’s really easy to set up