1.6 Update

Update to 1.6 is likely to be around the 14th December.

I’ve had so many questions since the start about profiles, and most of you have asked for more info for a decent profile set up, random responses and the like… it meant we had to tackle “conditions” which are more widely known as randomised responses to most of you (to be able to have more than one response to a given command). Well, we’re doing it right now to all commands:). You’ll all benefit and be able to edit / change them up.

It’s perfectly fitting for the addition of “Mars” (optional male voice pack coming soon) as well as others to be released in the coming weeks and early 2015 – This is because the sound files are also perfect for multiple voices for different ships or extra virtual crew. With just TTS (Text To Speech engines), you can only use one voice at a time but with the HCS Voice Packs you can have many…. MANY 🙂

And I’ve finally got around to making a more polished product. I’ve always maintained that I’d get this done prior to retail release of Elite Dangerous and that’s still the case :).


So, here’s a sneak peek into the coming update. Firstly the entire pack has been tidied up, reorganised and has structure to it. The sound files have all been put into their relative folders. With that will come broken profiles for commands you already have but don’t worry – with some help, I’ve made BRAND NEW PROFILES available for you. Oh!!! We didn’t just stop there either, we’ve done them with default set up for keyboard and mouse and X52 and will ship the binds with them too. AND!!!! We didn’t stop there either, we’ve also added all of the “conditions” for RANDOM RESPONSES.

WE DIDN’T STOP THERE EITHER!!!!! We’ve decided to keep going, we’re now planning some tutorials for comprehensive help with conditions, so you’ll be easily able to edit the whole profile with much more ease – YouTube videos will be available to showcase both what we’ve done and to show you how it’s done properly.

Finally, the update will install exactly to where you have your current pack – those of you that wish to just update the sound files, I’ll be putting the folders in separately again.

Make sure you put your requests in nice and early for additional commands as well as female names for Astra.