“Leo” – Pre-Order

You can now pre-order Leo – Production is complete and we’re now compiling the pack 🙂

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Hi Folks – The VAT law in the UK and indeed other rates across Europe has meant that we have had to introduce a price increase of £1 (20% VAT) on all the products – An increase from £4.99 to £5.99. I firmly believe in value and I will make sure that you get it. The packs are terrific, come with lots of extra stuff in them anyway. What I am planning is some offers in the future and I’ll update you when that happens, for now, I’m afraid it’s 20% VAT. The prices quoted on the products are with VAT included, so what you see is what you pay.

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M.A.R.S is coming very soon.  Also……. New British English voice in production – “Venus” – She will be released in February with the GalaXapedia, Constellations, Quantum Theory + all of the ship commands.

Both M.A.R.S & Venus are professional voice actors we have carefully selected –


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Personalizing MORE!!!

I’m currently working on making the pack even more worthwhile and great value.  I’m making it so that the personal pack will contain a hell of a lot more than it currently does – It is in production right now and sometime soon I’ll be offering well over 100 “personalized responses”.

The pack we currently do has just about enough in it to make the pack much more immersive – But I’ve personally got all of the extra stuff (and more) and frankly I want you to have that too, so I’m going to work on getting loads more in it – Yes it’s a premium extra, but hey, I’ll make sure it contains more.

For those of you that are already enjoying the personal pack, I’ll send out a hefty discount code when the time comes so don’t worry, you’ll get an option appropriately.

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Frontier’s “Elite Dangerous” Released Today !


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Profiles Made For You

The pack contains 3 profiles now – They are massive and took lots of work – We have random responses for the sounds and tutorials – It’s the number one selling voice pack around 🙂

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1.6.1 Update

Right then! – The refinements went smoothly and we now have a perfect profile 😀

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1.6 Update

Update to 1.6 is likely to be around the 14th December.

I’ve had so many questions since the start about profiles, and most of you have asked for more info for a decent profile set up, random responses and the like… it meant we had to tackle “conditions” which are more widely known as randomised responses to most of you (to be able to have more than one response to a given command). Well, we’re doing it right now to all commands:). You’ll all benefit and be able to edit / change them up.

It’s perfectly fitting for the addition of “Mars” (optional male voice pack coming soon) as well as others to be released in the coming weeks and early 2015 – This is because the sound files are also perfect for multiple voices for different ships or extra virtual crew...

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VoidFlakes Profile

Well, this is very useful and has great potential with regards to assisting you with the in game menu systems.

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Version 1.5 November – Released

Okay, added some Vulcan Traits for Astra – Added 50 female names to replace Astra’s name if you so wish – Added ship descriptions (work in progress). Also added a Mech Online folder as requested.

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