The Voices

Perceived Life from the QNN or “Quantum Neural Network”.

Below are the voice packs that are available right now to buy or pre-order.  There are also some with samples for you to listen to that are in production right now!

The character “A.S.T.R.A”

 Our most popular pack, Required.
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The character “LEGEND”

During the middle to late end of the 20th century, many satellites and solar system exploration probes from many different nations were launched into space.  One of these probes was launched and sent on a mission with information about Earth and the life that occupies it on board.  To seek out places where other life might be, intelligent or otherwise.

Contact with this probe, codenamed “Legend”, was lost 6 months into it’s mission.  The last ever contact information indicated that the probe was accelerating to such a high speed, exponentially it would have been impossible to track.  It’s whereabouts remained unknown.  Until now.

Recovered from one of the farthest reaches of our Galaxy (location classified)  “Legend” has been found.  It’s Ai so much more advanced having collected information from unknown reaches rumoured to be a black hole, event horizon.  Little more is understood right now.


The character “VENUS”

Adapted from Astra’s neural network, an experimental Ai with factual information placed within her own construct.  Primarily used for the extended study of the QNN (quantum neural network).  To examine and report on the unexplained phenomena relating to the accelerated evolution of Ai minds.  To build theories surrounding the motivation of why Ai continues to serve mankind.


The character “D.A.R.K”

The large Hadron Collider was a bearer of fruits for the unexplained universe of quantum physics.  Within the results of particle acceleration experiments, and by accident, foundations were laid for the Quantum Neural Network we know today.  These foundations are said to be as a result of mankind’s work in the field of quantum physics – Although many believe otherwise. The theory of whether D.A.R.K is an entity that was given birth to by the QNN alone, mankind’s actions or something else is still argued – never explained fully, it’s just accepted, and never questioned as to why or how he was conceived.


The character “M.A.R.S”

Origins. A construct, an artificial intelligence with a quantum neural network.  Designed for use during the first manned mission to Mars on board the Vasco da Gama.  To manage complex systems on the ship as well as monitor the crew, their well being.  To engage with them during the long journey.  Later transferred to the crew’s surface habitat on mars during early terraforming.





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