Personal Pack


£4.99 – Buy it now, “The number one voice pack”

So with the first option in the group above, you’ll get about 1400 sounds- All the ship commands for both Star Citizen & Elite Dangerous.  The GalaXapediA, The Constellations & Quantum Theory + Ship descriptions for Elite Dangerous + 50 alternative names for Astra (Holly, Sal, Samantha… The list will grow).  A great set of scientific statements both for educational use and fun –


Maximize the immersive experience.

Personal Response Premium Add On Pack. UPDATED AND INCLUDES MUCH MORE


You can now have your very own name or title or both made especially for you. Plus an option to replace a name for “ASTRA” – Maybe Princess?  And I’m afraid it’s not cheap – £10 – But I do feel it is good value.  This price reflects the work involved, it takes time to do and we try to do them same day for you or at least within 24 hours.  So we’ve got somebody dedicated to do this that we have to pay – we can then distribute it fast to you.

The responses are designed for you to “customize” your pack.

They now come with a profile. Free & experimental.

You are expected to be familiar with the pack and how to edit responses.  The pack is flexible and has been designed with the personalization options in mind – this is key to “maximize the immersive experience”

An example would be REPLACING some of the generic responses like “Yes Commander” with your personal response of “Yes Commander Smith”.

This is so that you get a more personal, immersive feel to the entire pack –  The whole pack is generic and belongs to all, but by adding the personal pack you make it your own with just a small amount of responses.

When you order the responses they are done specifically for you and take time to organise and complete, usually 24 to 48 hours – this time frame increases during holiday periods and when we release updates and apply advertising campaigns – So please keep this in mind when ordering.

Here’s what you’ll get:

1. All the terms she says listed below AND MANY MORE UNLISTED – Pick how to be addressed (captain, commander, master) Just name is free for the commands below, so for example you’ll get both Commander and just name.
2. Choose a name for your ship’s computer.  Many are already in the pack under ship names – choose something different if you wish. WE ONLY GUARANTEE ENGLISH ONLY NAMES – ALTHOUGH WE TRY OTHERS.  YOUR RISK.
3. Choose one bonus additional sentence (type it out, no more than 12 words).

What I can tell you is you might pay £10 for something like “General Solo” – We’ll then make it for you, send it to you and then make it available to everyone at a much lower price simply because we’ve already done the work.  So keep in mind people will pay less than you for it once you’ve ordered a name or title.

We do understand that some names will have phonetic differences so please be clear about this at outset – Or if you have an unusually difficult name to pronounce or something with slang like “gotcha” or similar then make it clear how you want the phonetics.

The current generic terms are:
“I am known as {female name for ship’s computer}”.
“you can call me {female name for ship’s computer}”.
{female name for ship’s computer}.

What are you orders {NAME}
What are you orders captain {NAME}
What are you orders commander {NAME}
Yes {NAME}.
Yes commander {NAME}.
Yes captain {NAME}.
Hello {NAME}
Hello captain {NAME}
Hello commander {NAME}
Goodbye {NAME}
Goodbye captain {NAME}
Goodbye commander {NAME}
Captain {NAME}?
Commander {NAME}?
Welcome on board captain {NAME}
Welcome on board commander {NAME}
Welcome on board {NAME}
Thank you {NAME}
Thank you captain {NAME}
Thank you commander {NAME}
Of course {NAME}
Of course commander {NAME}
Of course captain {NAME}
Affirmative captain {NAME}
Affirmative commander {NAME}
Affirmative {NAME}
Negative captain {NAME}
Negative commander {NAME}
Negative {NAME}
Systems checks complete, ship ready for departure captain {NAME}
Systems checks complete, ship ready for departure commander {NAME}
Systems checks complete, ship ready for {NAME}